Bloggin’ on the Blog

I see it only fitting for the first blog to be about blogging since this is a blogging site. Self-narration of life is an extremely powerful tool that has recently come about within the past decade (duh, I know you know but it’s an intro, get over it). Like all forms of power given to us, we as human beings have the choice of using it for good or evil. The reader begins to understand the author due to use of the writing power he or she writes. Each author has his/her own language they write in. Some write like Justin Bieber taught them while riding horseback on a donkey and others write as if a pencil shot out of Gabriel’s horn right into their hand. What’s your point you ask? Blog sites are a great place to make a fool of yourself. One careless word and life can and most likely will go down the drain for you. It would be very nice indeed if people would sit back, take their hands off the keyboard, blow their nose, and think about what to say. Life would be 20% less stressful and I could sip my espresso in heavenly peace without fear of ruining my computer by way of flying coffee. So let us all sit quietly for a few minutes each day and think for once before we blast something or someone to kingdom come and back with what we pen in the the hearts and minds of each other and ourselves.